Why do you need an Access Control System

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Access control systems help to keep your business secure. We stock leading German designed and constructed access control systems that have been created with space, elegance and operability in mind. In partnership with Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, we distribute these systems that have been used throughout the world in various retail environments.

Access control systems are important for various reasons. Not only do they prevent customers from exiting the shop with unpaid products, they provide valuable data information and can be programmed to operate as you desire. All access control systems can be built according to the customer’s design requirements and specifications.

Types of access control systems

There are many types of access control systems which achieve different purposes. We stock free exit, controlled exit, cloud-based access control systems and mobile or smartphone-based access control systems. These systems have different features and can be programmed to suit your requirements, providing you peace of mind that your access points are regulated.

Free Exit

This type of access control system can be activated by incoming motion or by pressing a button. These type of exit barriers are not controlled and will freely open to allow patrons to pass through and exit the premises provided the barrier is active.

Controlled Exit

The controlled exit access control system requires patrons to either input a user-provided code or swipe an authorised pass. This ensures that any unauthorised people that have entered the building will not be able to exit without a valid pass.

Cloud-based access control systems

Cloud-based access control systems enable access points at properties to be controlled from remote locations. The access control system is connected to the web and enables these access points to open or close at particular times depending on your configuration and requirements. Features include managing the number of users, implementing lockdown procedures and surveying entry and exit activities.

Mobile or smartphone-based access control systems

Like cloud-based access control systems, mobile or smartphone-based systems enable owners or operators to control the access points with their mobile device. Users can operate the entrances and exit with an application on their phone that connects via the telecommunications network. This is useful for owners or operates who are busy and on the go.

What Size of Access Control System Do You Need?

The size of the access control system depends on the use. Whether you need an access control system for commercial use or non-commercial use, we stock a wide range of systems to keep you covered. To help you select the right system, you will need to consider the volume of people moving in and out of your premises, the type of people visiting your premises (i.e. staff, customers, suppliers, etc.) and the level of security that you want to achieve.

Commercial use

Access control systems for commercial operations allow you to control customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders entering and exiting your business. These systems can be set up to ensure that only staff access particular rooms or floors, and customers are permitted to access non-staff or permitted areas. Businesses require access control systems to prevent theft, protect their staff and secure their premises.

Non-commercial use

Access control systems for non-commercial use are essential when multiple people share properties or apartments in buildings. This allows controlled access to particular rooms so that privacy and security are maintained. Access control systems with either code or pass access is ideal in these situations.

Advantages of Access Control

The advantages of access control include better tracking and reducing theft. It helps owners or operates of premises track the number of patrons passing through, the time of their attendance and exit and ensure that access points are regulated to deter theft. There are many other advantages, including remote-controlled access, access during particular hours, complementing CCTV features and more.

Better tracking

Access control systems help you track who is entering and exiting your business. You can also monitor the volume of people entering the premises at particular times of the day. Coupled with CCTV, you can track your patrons and monitor and survey them for better customer and operations management.

Reduce Theft

Access control systems help to reduce theft. They can be supplemented with CCTV and sensors that will detect whether unpaid goods are being taken out of the premises. These systems can also be supported by an individual from a security service provider to ensure access points are monitored in person.

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