How to replace the Blade on a Brice Meat Slicer

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A meat slicer is a type of kitchen equipment that slices various types of meat to micrometric precision. Meat slicers make slicing meat in volume easy. The rotating blade and movable meat carriage tray are easy to operate and speeds up food preparation, minimises errors and limits food wastage.

Types of Brice Meat Slicer

We stock the following types of slicers that cover a suite of operations: belt-driven, gear-driven, vertical, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and vintage. Our commercial meat slicers have common features including inbuilt sharpening devices, robust construction for easy cleaning and safety features to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Our slicers will carefully slice and stack the product allowing you to continue working on other tasks. For those who want to maintain control over their slicing, our manual slicers will allow you to customise each slice to ensure it has been cut to precision.

When it is required to replace blade on a Meat Slicer?

You should replace a blade on a meat slicer when the device is not slicing to precision or the blade is damaged. Your slicer should be inspected, tested and maintained on a periodic basis to assist with identifying any issues with the blade. There is a simple and straightforward process to replace the blade, and you must take extreme care when doing so.

Steps to Replace Blade on a Brice Meat Slicer

You can remove a blade from a meat slicer to sharpen it or replace it with a new blade. To replace a blade on a meat slicer, you must follow these steps:

        • • Make sure the meat slicer is in working order.
        • • Ensure that the meat slicer is turned off and power cord removed from power point.
        • • Set the slice thickness setting to ‘0’.
        • • Ensure that your work bench is free of clutter and food contaminants.
        • • Make sure that the slicer is on a solid bench and at a good working height.
        • • Wear hygienic food grade gloves.
        • • Unscrew carriage knob and pull the meat carriage towards you. Engage the locking pin.
        • • Remove the meat carriage arm and tray from the slicer. This can be cleaned with warm soapy water (but not in the dishwasher).
        • • Remove the centre plate by unscrewing the knob at the rear of the blade. This can be cleaned with warm soapy water (but not in the dishwasher).
        • • Using hot water, mild detergent and a soft cloth, clean under the centre plate.
        • • Lift the sharpening housing.
        • • Slot the blade removal tool firmly against the blade.
        • • Hold the outer handle with one hand and rotate the centre handle a quarter turn anti-clockwise and lift the blade removal tool. The blade will dislodge from the machine safely against the blade removal tool.
        • • Attach the blade protection guard against the centre mechanism firmly.
        • • Clean the components behind the blade with a damp cloth.
        • • Using the blade removal tool, eject the blade into a disposal receptable that is suitable to contain a blade. Dispose the blade responsibly.
        • • With your new blade, firmly attach the blade removal tool to it.
        • • Remove the blade protection guard.
        • • Place the blade removal tool with the newly attached blade against the machine and turn the centre handle a quarter turn clockwise. The blade will lock into place.
        • • Close the sharpening housing, reattach the centre plate and attached the meat carriage tray.
        • • Check everything is correctly installed.
        • • You have safely replaced a blade.

For further tips on using a meat slicer from Brice Australia, visit us in store or contact us on 1300 664 880.

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