What is an access control system

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An access control system is a device that controls the entry, exit and flow of patrons at a premises. The access control system allows people to visit your business, notify people when your business is closed, control the flow of customers entering your business and provide other useful insights. Access control systems are common features at supermarkets, retail stores, offices and other businesses. While most access control system provide access to anyone, other intelligent access control system can limit access to those with secure access credentials (i.e. a code, fob or key card).

Access control system provide many benefits to business operators. Among the benefits are:

Variable settings: Our gates can open either from the left, right or synchronised in the middle and our turnstiles can rotate in both directions with manual or automatic control.

Custom design: The access control system can be constructed to suit the dimensions of the opening to your business. Most of our systems are fabricated with quality finishes including high gloss chrome and plastic-powder coating and are available in nine attractive colours to suit your décor.

Misuse warning system: All systems are fitted with alarms (and strobes in some products) should the gates or turnstiles be tampered with or misused.

Intelligent features: While all our systems boast intelligent features, our eGate represents the cutting edge of technological development and meets even the most demanding needs.

If you need high-quality, reliable and effective access control systems, look no further than Brice Australia. Having served Australia’s retail industry since 1939, we understand what business owners need. Our products do more than simply managing patronage and access. The systems can also provide valuable insights which will enhance your business. For leading technological solutions, contact Brice Australia on 1300 664 880 or browse our website to learn more.

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