Meat rails – Everything You Should Know About

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Meat rails Systems are a highly beneficial system for many stores and facilities that have fresh meat brought in regularly. Not only do they help with transporting heavy loads around a facility, but they can also streamline a cool room system to maximise efficiency and line production. Popular in supermarkets, abattoirs, and cold storage facilities, read on for everything you should know about meat rails.

What are meat rails?

A sturdy and supportive railing system hailed by butchers and meat experts everywhere, meat rails have been serving busy environments such as supermarkets, butcher shops, abattoirs and cool room facilities for over 100 years. It’s safe to say some select companies have perfected the mechanisms to help simplify and encourage productivity in the hospitality and retail sectors of the food industry.


Meat rails are made of heavy-duty materials constructed by master craftsmen, usually hailing from a butchering and engineering background, so they know both what’s necessary for the industry to be at its most productive, as well as the best construction materials and intricate mechanisms to keep your business in production for the long haul.

Use of meat rail system in supermarkets 

Meat rail systems have long been used in busy production lines to help with ease of operation, and especially in supermarkets where mass amounts of meat are delivered and cut on a daily basis. A meat rail system’s heavy-duty structure supports the weight of multiple meat carcasses and bear loads of around 600kg, providing a more accessible option to make manual cuts, and assist in easily transporting carcasses around a cool room setting.


Service departments in supermarkets, such as meat and deli units, can be demanding on a team’s time and energy levels. Implementing a meat rail system and loading device can eliminate potential injury and fatigue and double your productivity through ease of use and streamlined efficiency.


Meat Rails System

Why choose Tonon meat rail system

One of the most distinguished European manufacturers of meat rail systems, Tonon’s reputation is built on almost 50 years of experience working with businesses and fabricators globally to perfect the construction of its high-strength 20-micron anodised aluminium which transports half or quarter carcasses easily. Tonon has created an easily assembled and adjustable system to suit your requirements, offering custom sizing to suit any type of operation.

The brand’s railing system boasts a robust easy to glide system which is incredibly easy to assemble, is made from 20-micron anodised aluminium, and comes with highly adjustable columns for perfect alignment, so no matter the bearing load, this railing system will see you through for many years to come.

Tonon’s loading device further ensures that minimal labour and enhanced productivity guarantees the loader will not face vigorous strain on the body; its electric hoist and precise hooking mechanisms eliminate the need for an initial load onto the meat rail, while it sturdy electric hoist can lift and hoist up to 200kg at a time. Equipped with a safety locking feature to prevent the meat from falling during normal operations, the loading device is pre-mounted onto the railing system for further ease of use.

What is the perfect size of a meat rail system?

Tonon’s meat rail systems can be custom-made to suit your operation; however, a good rule of thumb is to assess the most common load you usually work with. For example, if it’s most beef over lamb, there will be a significant difference in load-bearing capacity. For smaller carcasses, a low rail and ceiling height drastically reduces the square footage in your cool room where it will be positioned.

Can I fit in the meat rail system in a small room?

The square footage of available space in your cool room will dictate its capacity for housing a meat rail system. Give us a call to discuss your available space dimensions, and we’ll be to tailor a specific railing system to your specifications.

Do I need an expert team to install the meat rail system?

Tonon’s meat railing systems are built with user assembly in mind. You can enlist the assistance of a fabricator to assemble your new system. You can also take the help of two strong individuals and install the system through easy user assembly instructions.

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