OG Series Belt Driven Meat Slicer - OMAOG Series Meat Slicers

Made in Italy Made in Italy
OG Series Belt Driven Meat Slicer

The OMAOG Series medium-duty belt driven meat slicers are ideal for small shops and restaurants, caterers, and small/medium kitchens.

The Model OMAOG belt driven meat slicer takes the hard work out of slicing and is perfect for small/medium kitchens, restaurant or catering business.

  • Manufactured in anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids;
  • Constructed for easy cleaning;
  • Adjusting knob allows for cutting of slices from 0mm up to 14mm;
  • Integrated and removable sharpening device;
  • Belt driven blade;
  • Blade ring guard;
  • Removable product carriage for Models OG25E and OG30E when the slice thickness control is set to zero;
  • CE Approved.
Dimensions WxDXH(mm) :340x470x320380x490x360420x570x400
Blade (mm):220250300
240V single phase motor:50Hz50Hz50Hz
Operating Temp Range:+5°C - +40°C+5°C - +40°C+5°C - +40°C
Net weight (kg)131520
Max. Slice thickness (mm):141414
IP Rating:656565

Customer Reviews

  1. Daniela M.

    This works well. It makes my meat slices perfect every time. Thanks.

  2. Dana P.

    Absolutely loving this! Great value for money, consistent and effortless slicing. This OG Series Belt Driven Slicer is best for all kind of slicing.

  3. Warren C.

    I love this machine, it is the perfect for my business. Thanks again.

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