Redline Slicer

Redline Slicer

Redline Slicer

Red Line encompasses all the technology of a professional Berkel meat slicer in a compact unit. This professional electric slicer is elegant and lightweight and is made of a special aluminium alloy.

The steel blade ensures a perfect cut to make thin and even slices while reducing waste. The built-in sharpener enhances blade efficiency and durability. The slice deflector, blade cover, and meat table can be removed easily to ensure quick and accurate cleaning operations.

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  • Extremely compact in size
  • Special aluminium alloy structure
  • Food grade aluminium blade cover
  • Chromed steel blade with professional profile reduces waste and ensures even slices
  • Professional motor for amazing results
  • Fixed blade guard for safe cleaning
  • Slice capacity up to 14mm (220/250 slicers), up to 12mm (300 slicer)
  • Built-in sharpener
  • Professional push-button panel with LED indicators
  • Removable meat carriage for easy cleaning
Specifications RL220 RL250 RL300
Blade Diameter 14mm 14mm 12mm
Size: Width (F) x Depth (L) x Height (D)(mm) 505 x 580 x 395 505 x 570 x 395 475 x 630 x 480
Cutting Capacity Round 168mm 178mm 230mm
Cutting Capacity Rectangle mm 185 x 160 H 185 x 175 H 245 x 225 H
Motor 240V 190W 190W 310W
Weight 22kg 22kg 27kg

Customer Reviews

  1. Denise

    For thin and even slices, look no further than this Berkel meat slicer. We use it all the time and the blade rarely requires sharpenning.

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