Pasto Premium Sous Vide Water Baths

Pasto Premium Sous Vide Water Baths

Sous Vide Water Bath

A range of highly durable counter-top sous vide water baths, available in 5, 12 and 26-litre sizes.

Indispensable in the busy professional kitchen, the Pasto range offers precision temperature control and stability (ideal for low temperature cooking in sous vide bags) together with a simple and intuitive design.

Equally important is the Pasto’s economic footprint and easy to use controls, helping chefs deliver dishes of the highest quality time after time.

All products in the Pasto range are extremely robust, manufactured in the United Kingdom and come with a 2-year product warranty as standard.

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  • Maintains water temperature to within ±0.2°C (±0.36°F)
  • Temperature range up to 95°C (203°F)
  • 5 12 and 26 litre options
  • Fast heat up
  • Supplied with stainless steel lid
  • Countdown timer 0 to 999 mins with audible alarm
  • Available in Black and Stainless Steel
Heater power (5 litre ) 0.35kW
Overall dimensions (5 litre ) 237mm x 197mm x 337mm
Working area (5 litre ) 131mm x 281mm
Heater power (12 litre ) 0.8kW
Overall dimensions (12 litre ) 237mm x 377mm x 337mm
Working area (12 litre ) 281mm x 306mm
Heater power (26 litre ) 1.4kW
Overall dimensions (26 litre ) 237mm x 553mm x 339mm
Working area (26 litre ) 481mm x 278mm

Customer Reviews

  1. Edward

    A compact water bath available in a range of sizes. Easy to use controls and works well with delicate produce.

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