Rofry® Cooking System

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Rofry® Cooking System

Commercial Air Fryer

THE FUTURE OF FRYING – Healthy and totally without adding Oil.

The 3-Phase Cooking Process

  1. STEAM-TIME PHASE: In this phase, the RoFry® uses high-temperature steam to heat even deeply frozen product. Steam speeds the heating process and prevents the product from drying out.
  2. ROASTING PHASE: Steam is automatically vented and heated air is valved into the cooking chamber, commencing the browning and roasting phase.
  3. COOKING PROCESS: Recognition Phase: the RoFry® automatically varies cooking times depending on product load, size and temperature. Steam-time Phase: Evenly and quickly heats and cooks the product while retaining moisture. Roasting Phase: Evenly roasts and browns the outer portion of the product.
  • The Rofry® cooking process is a healthier way of preparing foods that appear to have been fried, greatly reducing fat and cholesterol absorption.
  • There are no oil purchase and disposal costs.
  • Operator injury and oil burns are greatly reduced creating a safer workplace.
  • Fully automated cooking process reduces labour costs.
  • Unique steam and convection cooking phases means the product will always be moist on the inside and crisp on the outside and ensures exact quality control every time.
  • Fully programmable self cleaning system.
Size (WxDxH mm): 720 (including lever)x710x710. Please note 410mm required to open draw from the side.
Power: 15000w
Net Weight: 12kg

Customer Reviews

  1. Sandra

    The ROFRY cooking system has been our best purchase since we opened in 2014. We can now prepare our meals quicker and to an even higher standard. Thanks Brice for selling this product.

  2. Larry

    This kitchen equipment is very handy. The automatic cooking process saves us time and we can fry, roast, steam and cook without having to add much else to the dish. Simple to use.

  3. Michael

    Our students love the food that comes out of this. Without using oil, it steams, cooks and roasts food perfectly.

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