370VKBV Vertical Meat Slicer

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370VKBV Vertical Meat Slicer

Vertical Meat Slicers

The MAN370VKBV manual meat slicer is a heavy-duty meat slicer with a large slicing capacity, perfect for bacon and fresh meats. The powerful motor and gear-driven blade mean the MAN370VKBV can operate in even the busiest high-volume delicatessen or butchers.

The MAN370VKBV Vertical meat slicer has been designed especially for slicing fresh meat.

With its large capacity meat table, the versatile 370VKBV can handle any meat product – from small salami and sausages, up to full-size sides of bacon.

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  • Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium to resist the corrosive effects of salts and acids;
  • Constructed for easy and friendly cleaning;
  • Micrometric adjusting knob allows for cutting of slices up to 24mm
  • Built-in dual action sharpener ensures a long lasting razor sharp knife;
  • Forced ventilation to motor;
  • Gear driven blade;
  • CE Approved.
Blade (mm) 370 370 370
Motor 240V single phase 50Hz 290W
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 686 x 845 x 569 686 x 845 x 569 686 x 845 x 569
Slice Capacity Rectangular (mm) 320 x 260 320 x 260 320 x 260
Circular/Diameter (mm) 260 260 260
Max. Slice thickness (mm) 24 24 24
Net weight (kg) 55 55 55
IP Rating IPx3 (Motor IPx5) IPx3 (Motor IPx5) IPx3 (Motor IPx5)

Customer Reviews

  1. Brenda

    I always use vertical slicers. Easy to operate and makes slicing fresh meat simple. Great for slicing salami and sausages.

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