BT Patty Maker Machine

Made in Italy Made in Italy
BT Patty Maker Machine

Patty Maker

The BT Manual Hamburger Press is designed for ease of use, quick cleaning, safe operation and neat portioning.

Manufactured from stainless steel and anodised aluminium this compact hand-operated hamburger press prepares perfect sized patties every time. Protected by a cellaphane disc the compressed meat is easy to remove without any need of a tool. Available in two sizes BT100 makes a 100mm patty and BT130 makes a 130mm patty.

The BT Manual Patty Maker Machine is intended for use in the production of consistent sized patties.

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  • Lift lever to expose press platform.
  • Place cellophane disc on the platform.
  • Place meat portion on the cellophane disc on the platform and cover meat with a second cellophane disc.
  • Pull lever towards you to compress the meat into shape.
  • Raise lever and remove perfectly formed patty.
Model: BT100 BT130
Diamensions WxDxH(mm): 160x220x300 160x220x300
Weight(kg): 4 4

Customer Reviews

  1. Annatetry

    Full ratings for this amazing patty maker. Its a perfect equipment.

  2. Marilyn

    Was looking for Hamburger Press and Patty Makers and ended up here. It’s exactly I was looking for.

  3. Michael Peash

    Being a user, I will recommend this product.

  4. Hilary

    I am so lucky that I was looking for a patty maker and found this product. It’s a good product within budget for everyone.

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