MH Hamburger Press Patty Maker

MH Hamburger Press Patty Maker

Patty Maker

The MH100 & MH130 Manual Hamburger Press Patty Maker is designed for ease of use, greatly reducing labour time to produce perfect patties and meatballs.

Manufactured from anodised aluminium this hand-operated (manual) hamburger press prepares perfect 100mm & 130mm diameter patties every time. Hamburgers up to 250g and 30mm thick can be produced. As an optional extra this press can be configured to produce up to 5 (Code:MA5) or 10 (Code:MA10) meatballs at a time.

  • All plates are interchangeable between models.
  • Totally manual.
  • Practical and economical because of the simplicity on design and ease of use. The plate always rotates in the clockwise direction.
  • Greatly reduces labour time.
  • Bridges the gap between manual and automatic production.
  • Easily stripped without tools for cleaning.
  • Easily adjustable thickness of all products (hamburger, meatball and croquette) up to 40mm.
Model: MH100 MH130
Net weight (kg): 17 17
Max. diameter (mm): 100 130

Customer Reviews

  1. Gloria

    This device has saved a lot of time and manual labour. Easy to press and make patties of varying sizes and in large volumes.

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