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XTi Series Benchtop Scale

The XTi Series Benchtop Scale provides a complete set of scales and printers, covering the different requirements of fresh food counters, self-service, pre-pack areas and point-of-sale areas for butchers, supermarkets and speciality stores.

The Benchtop scales may be used in stand-alone mode or networked together to form departmental systems. In addition, the different departments can be networked together and connected to a back-office computer to form store-wide or centrally managed networks. The scales can operate in several different modes, printing individual labels for each item or combining the shopper’s items together and printing a single receipt.

Crucially, the scales are based on PC architecture, running Windows or Linux operating systems. This gives them full flexibility for integration of third-party devices and for running third-party software.

The POS Systems which are integrated with Avery Scales includes;

  • Bossii
  • Grocery Manager
  • Independent Solutions
  • Bpos
  • Worldsmart
  • Merlin ESP
  • National POS (NATPOS)
  • ABS pos System
  • FutureNet POS system
  • AMC
  • Large colour customer display (10.2”) for advertising and promotions to increase sales.
  • Large operator touchscreen and powerful PC core.
  • Innovative self-service application simplifies the user experience with the biggest touch-screen available.
  • Unique ValuMax self-levelling technology which can re-coup costs equivalent to the purchase price of the scale.
  • Patented CodeChecker feature which helps ensure barcodes are always printed correctly reducing checkout lines.
  • Wide, attractive labels with graphic printing to reduce label costs.
  • For better trained and connected staff, video training, counter layouts, and on-board web browser.
Models: XTi100 XTi200
Dimensions(w x d x h): 408 x 466 x 156mm 408 x 493 x 528mm
Capacities: 15kg AVR 15kg AVR
Power: 100-240VAc 50/60 Hz 100-240VAc 50/60 Hz
Processor: Intel Atom processor running at 1.46GHz. Intel Atom processor running at 1.46GHz.
System memory: Up to 8GB (2GB default) Up to 8GB (2GB default)
Video RAM: Up to 256MB Up to 256MB
Solid State Disk 8GB (Linux OS) 8GB (Linux OS)
Inter-scale network: Ethernet 10/100/1gb base-T auto switch
Operator display: 10.2” colour TFT SVGA 1024 x 600 10.2” colour TFT SVGA 1024 x 600
Customer display: 7” active colour WVGA TFT: 800 x 480 10.2” colour TFT SVGA 1024 x 600
Interfaces: 5 x USB interfaces (3 external) 5 x USB interfaces (3 external)
RF Comms: Optional: external USB WiFi device - 802.11b/g/n Optional: external USB WiFi device - 802.11b/g/n
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