PEG 313/350/370 Gear Driven Meat Slicer

Made in Italy Made in Italy
PEG 313/350/370 Gear Driven Meat Slicer

Manual Meat Slicer

The “Platinum Edition” gravity-feed manual meat slicer is a heavy-duty machine designed for slicing a range of meat products. An ideal commercial meat slicer for restaurants, caterers, medium/large kitchens and delicatessens.

The heavy-duty Model PEG “Platinum Edition” Gravity-feed meat slicer has been designed to handle meats of all kinds.

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  • Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  • Constructed for easy cleaning.
  • Adjustable slice thickness up to 14mm.
  • Integrated and removable sharpening device.
  • Centre plate fitted with a low voltage safety switch.
  • Mechanical safety interlock to prevent the blade being exposed when the carriage is removed for cleaning.
  • Blade ring guard.
  • Superglide feature.
  • Detachable stainless steel last slice device.
  • NVR*
  • CE Approved.
Model: PEG313 PEG350 PEG370
Blade (mm): 313 350 370
Power: 270W 270W 270W
240V single phase Motor: 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Overall Dimensions WxDxH (mm): (GxLxE) 740x730x500 (GxLxE) 800x840x540 (GxLxE) 800x840x540
Footprint WxD (mm): (FxH) 420x525 (FxH) 490x615 (FxH) 490x615
Slice Capacity Rectangular (mm): 255x230 300x280 300x295
Circular/ Diameter (mm): 205 250 265
Max. Slice Thickness (mm): 14 14 14
Net weight (kg): 32 44 49
iP Rating: 65 65 65

Customer Reviews

  1. Kevin M.

    I bought PEG313 Gear Driven Slicer last week and it works wonders, dices and slices perfectly for my needs.

  2. Helen

    I am obsessed with this product! It works absolutely beautifully. It slices so well.

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