How Much Do Access Control Systems Cost in Melbourne?

In the modern world of retail in Melbourne, access control systems are essential customer management equipment. We stock leading German designed and constructed access control systems that have been created with space, elegance and operability in mind. In partnership with Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, we are able to distribute these systems that have been used throughout the world in various retail environments.

Order your new custom-built access control system at Brice Australia. Discuss your requirements with a friendly technician on 1300 664 880.

Where to Buy Cheese Grater in Melbourne?

A cheese grater is a versatile piece of equipment that is a staple in any commercial kitchen. Whether you want to cook something sweet or savoury, a cheese grater not only grates cheese but various other ingredients such as bread and nuts. These graters are ideal for use in restaurants, canteens, community centres, delicatessens, pizzerias, and commercial kitchens.

Call Brice Australia on 1300 664 880 to discuss the purchase of your next cheese grater today.

Where to Buy Vegetable Slicer in Melbourne?

The vegetable slicers and mandolines are essential tools in any and every commercial kitchen in Melbourne. With vegetables being a staple for many people nowadays, efficient preparation of all sorts of vegetables will save time and satisfy many clients. We understand the needs of our client and have continued to expand our product range since 1939.

Order your new mandoline slicer from Melbourne’s leading supplier of light kitchen equipment, Brice Australia, by calling the team on 1300 664 880

Where to Buy Commercial Meat Processing Equipment in Melbourne?

Commercial and industrial meat processing equipment is the safe, reliable and easy way to prepare meat ready for the cook in Melbourne. Saving time, effort and cost, meat processing equipment ensures that less wastage occurs, demand is satisfied and that there is consistency in the preparation of the meat.

Organise the order of your next commercial meat processing equipment with Brice Australia on 1300 664 880.

Where to Buy Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Melbourne?

You have made a significant investment in your commercial kitchen. You think about the success of your business day and night. It is not worthwhile compromising the enjoyment of your livelihood by purchasing less reliable and effective equipment. Continue to grow your business and dominate the industry by heading to a company that has been specialising in the distribution of European made commercial kitchen equipment since 1939.

Contact us today on 1300 664 880 to ask us any questions regarding our excellent, affordable and reliable range of commercial kitchen equipment.

Measure Food Accurately With Scales

Our scales offer more capabilities than weighing and pricing. For retailers, our scales can display promotional information, informative descriptions and advertisements. For warehouses, our scales are portable and they will totalise cumulatively.

Choosing The Best Commercial Meat Slicer

A perfectly sliced piece of meat shows elegance and care. It takes time to manually cut a piece of meat and a skilled chef will require the best of knives.

Where to Buy Vegetable Slicer in Melbourne?

A vegetable slicer is an important piece of equipment for those preparing food in either a domestic or commercial environment. Whether you need to slice, julienne, make French fries or matchsticks and perform waffle cuts, we stock, sell and service French-made mandolines and slicers that are versatile and built to last.

Finding the Right Supplier of Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Melbourne

Whilst there are many suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne, only some offer a diverse range of products, high quality products, and service and support. Suppliers with extensive knowledge and experience will assist you to find the right product to suit your requirements.

Slice Meat to Perfection with Commercial Meat Slicers

Whether you are serving a meal to a customer or slicing up meat for sale in your butcher or delicatessen, you know that perfectly cut meat shows elegance and quality. Whilst there are a lot of commercial meat slicers available in Melbourne, few offer precision cutting ability on a continuous basis.


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